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The React! for Sensu app — Server monitoring on-the-go
React! for Sensu is a free Android app that let's you manage any number of Sensu server monitoring installations right from your phone. It will alert you about ongoing failures if you enable the built-in notifications.

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Why React! for Sensu?

Get notifications on your phone or tablet right when problems appear on your servers or your Sensu server is down
Notifications have practically no impact on battery life!
Put a widget on your home screen that shows your Sensu's current status!
Full featured
Manage your Sensu servers on-the go
View detailed information about all your clients and checks right in the app
Supports an unlimited number of Sensu servers
Create and delete silence entries right from the app
Resolve failing checks from your phone
Tablet support
Tablets are fully supported by the app and have their own layout to use all the available space!
Actively developed
Many more features to come in the future! Suggest and vote for new feature on our Trello board
Want to become a beta tester? Contact us!
Get it for free on Google Play!

Screenshot of React! showing silence entries
Managing and creating silence entries with React!

Screenshot of React! showing Sensu events on a 10 inch tablet
React! showing the currently failing checks on a 10 inch tablet

Screenshot of React! showing a Sensu client's checks on a 10 inch tablet
React! showing the checks of one client on a 10 inch tablet