23. 12. 2014

Fixing screen tearing on Intel HD Graphics under Linux

Ever tried to watch an HD movie under Linux on a high-resolution TV via HDMI and had screen tearing? Compton may fix your problem!

19. 07. 2014

Dell 2150cdn color under Ubuntu 14.04

How to get that printer working properly.

05. 07. 2014

Setting shortcuts for Eclipse Team activities

Why it won't work OOB and how to fix it

25. 05. 2014

Proxying out of China

Part 2: Faster proxies FTW!

25. 05. 2014

Using the Nautilus desktop with awesome WM

How to make the Nautilus desktop window sticky

01. 05. 2014

How to fix awesome on Ubuntu 13.10

After the upgrade, awesome doesn't start.

05. 03. 2014

Java 7 Regex F**kup


05. 02. 2014

Google Redirect Notice

How to get rid of the annoying redirect notice.

17. 09. 2013

Looking for a new vServer hoster

Old one sucks, a new one is hard to find...

07. 08. 2013

Rooting my Galaxy Tab 8.9 GT-P7310

...when the screen goes blank and nothing works anymore

25. 07. 2013

Bose SoundLink on the Raspberry PI

... and why XBMC does not support Bluetooth speakers

20. 07. 2013

XBian on the Raspberry PI

...and why that's not a great idea right now.

17. 02. 2013

Tunneling ssh via SSL

How to get around stupid firewalls that block ssh traffic.

11. 02. 2013

synclient and pm-utils

How to get synclient to set some options after a resume from suspend.

07. 02. 2013

Picture Slideshows

I tried a lot of slideshow programs for Linux and this is why I'm disappointed.

31. 01. 2013

Traffic Shaping under Linux for a Dormitory

My solution for fair traffic shaping in my girlfriend's dorm using tc's stochastic fairness queueing (sfq).

14. 09. 2011


About a most awesome colorscheme.

12. 08. 2011

Dell XPS M1530 SD card read-only problem

Damn you, small, useless piece of plastic!

09. 08. 2011

Terminals not working under Archlinux (missing /dev/pts)

Had some trouble with my terminals under X.

08. 08. 2011


...is what makes us awesome!

14. 07. 2011

Inkscape rocks

Used inkscape for some diagram "drawing".

07. 07. 2011

MASSIVE guitar guy

This dude is just pure awesome.

07. 07. 2011

Scientific Working

A little rant about universities and papers.

20. 06. 2011

Snippy vim

The vim snipmate plugin makes vim behave a bit like textmate.

15. 08. 2010

Luakit is more awesomer

I'm telling you! Seriously! It is!

06. 07. 2010

Writing a compiler with LLVM

My experiments with the LLVM and the compiler that came out of it.

19. 06. 2010

Bookmarks in uzbl

How to store, set and remove your bookmarks in uzbl.

19. 06. 2010

Adding commands to uzbl

Today I present my command plugin, which enables you to define your own vim-like commands.

16. 06. 2010

Best ... browser ... ever!

Don't trust me, try it for yourself!

08. 06. 2010

Objektorientierung in OCaml

Heute mal auf deutsch: Worüber mein Proseminar ging und was dabei rauskam.

04. 04. 2010

Creating a backup warning system

My efforts to get myself to backup more regularly.

02. 04. 2010

Pimping awesome

How i made my awesome a bit more awesome ;-)

14. 03. 2010


Just a little summary of my internship that is currently going on.

08. 03. 2010

IRC fun

Non-nerds explain IRC. Hilarious ;-)

20. 12. 2009

gvim under Windows

In an effort to bring the stuff from my old "blog" back to liff, I ported some articles, including this one about how to make gvim behave nicely under Windows.

20. 12. 2009

My .vimrc

In an effort to bring the stuff from my old "blog" back to liff, I ported some articles, including this one about my .vimrc and why it rocks.

20. 12. 2009

Aspell under Windows

In an effort to bring the stuff from my old "blog" back to liff, I ported some articles, including this one about how to make aspell 0.60 work under Windows.

03. 12. 2009

Inside the Joker

I'm really fond of these state machines... I love state machines. Staty, staty, state machines.

11. 11. 2009

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...

This time it's all about how to disable that annoying bell sound you sometimes get (and this time for sure)!

11. 11. 2009

Ruby C Extension Wrapup

This is a small wrapup of C extensions that recapitulates most of the points I made in the looooong posts before by just showing off Joker's project directory.

01. 11. 2009

Ruby C Extensions Part 8: Deployment

In the last real part of the saga, I explore how to efficiently deploy your gems (i.e. one command does it all ;-)

30. 10. 2009

Ruby C Extensions Part 7: Testing

This time, an evil wizard forces me to write tests for my code, which leads to a nice invention.

29. 10. 2009

Ruby C Extensions Part 6: Defining Functions

This time it's all about the definition of C functions that map to Ruby functions and argument checking in C.

28. 10. 2009

Ruby C Extensions Part 5: Implementation and Interfacing

Today I explore how to write your extension C code and how to integrate it with Ruby.

25. 10. 2009

Jeweler - rake-compiler Interlude

A little interlude about how to mix Jeweler and rake-compiler.

22. 10. 2009

Ruby C Extensions Part 4: rake-compiler

Our hero finds a useful companion after having escaped the first part of the wild maze he got himself into last time.

21. 10. 2009

Ruby C Extensions Part 3: Directory Structure and extconf.rb

Advancing further and further, obstacles soon start to present themselves.

19. 10. 2009

Ruby C Extensions Part 2: Documentation vs Diving

Continuing yesterday's post, I explore the subtleties of crossing the border from Ruby gem land to Ruby C extension land.

18. 10. 2009

Ruby C Extensions Part 1: Toolchain

The beginnig of an epic tale about how to write a Ruby C extension.