Part 2: Faster proxies FTW!

I already wrote an article on how to proxy with stunnel to circumvent annoying firewalls. Unfortunately, stunnel is quite slow (no Youtube for me!).

So here are two ways to set up something faster, one on your own server and one using Google App Engine.

Note that all three ways currently work to circumvent the Great Firewall of China!


GoAgent is an HTTP proxy that tunnels your traffic via SSL to an application you deploy on Google AppEngine. That then executes the request and sends the data it receives back via the SSL tunnel. Since the Google servers generally have a good uplink, this is a pretty fast and reliable proxy, even in China.

To install goagent, best download the [all-in-one zip file][goagentzip]. It contains what you need for all major operating systems.

You need to create an AppEngine application and deploy GoAgent to it. This website explains it rather nicely.

The thing to note here: best repeat the process several times, since every AppEngine application can only transmit 1GB of data per day. So if you want to watch some big videos or download something, you might need another application with additional bandwidth. Otherwise, you're going to see an error saying:

503 Over Quota

If you have created multiple applications, you can enter them all in the proxy.ini file by simply concatenating their IDs with a pipe:

appid = appid1|appid2|appid3


ShadowSocks tunnels your traffic to your own server and can encrypt it with a variety of different encryption mechanisms. To set it up, follow the instructions on the GitHub page (Chinese instructions are available as well!).


For all such proxy methods I recommend using Google Chrome together with the SwitchySharp extension. It lets you switch between direct connection and any number of proxies rather easily in your browser, while your other traffic stays uninterrupted.