...and why that's not a great idea right now.

I recently got a Raspberry PI as a gift and I thought: why not play with it? So I read a bit about it and decided to install XBian.

Here's why that didn't work out for me:

Package management is broken. Using apt-get to install pretty much anything will break the system. Usually dpkg will error out with some weird message and things will kind of work for a while and then break together completely after a while.

ssh broke after a while. After installing some packages, I couldn't log into the PI by ssh anymore, because the service refused to auto-start

Disabling XBMC autostart breaks the whole system. It just freezes in the "loading..." screen.

Exiting XBMC may freeze the system. There's a nice splash screen saying "closing XBMC..." forever. Helpful. This is a very nice feature in combination with the broken ssh... ;-)

All in all, just too much trouble for me. You can still feel the beta status very much. I'll try Raspbmc next.