About a most awesome colorscheme.

Solarized is a project that aims to create a balanced colorscheme based on the L*A*B colorspace (don't ask me, I know little about that stuff).

What's important to me is this:

  1. It looks good both in dark and black settings
  2. There are templates for a lot of applications, most notably .Xresources, vim, gvim and mutt
  3. It is explicitly defined to have great contrast

So now I'm using it and it rocks so far :D

One note though:

Installing it with .Xresources

DON'T try to put those definitions into your .Xdefaults. You'll get a pink console (dunno why). Do the following instead:

  1. Copy the contents of your .Xdefaults into your .Xresources
  2. Remove your .XDefaults
  3. Remove all color definitions from your .Xresources
  4. Remove all color settings from your .Xresources
  5. Paste the solarized definitions into your .Xresources
  6. run xrdb ~/.Xresources to make X aware of the settings
  7. If you don't have a desktop manager that does it for you, add xrdb merge ~/.Xresources to your .xinitrc