The vim snipmate plugin makes vim behave a bit like textmate.

Textmate is well known for its nice features, the most prominent being its snippets (or whatever they're called in Textmate...).

snipmate is a great plugin for vim that allows you to define snippets of your own and insert them into vim by simply typing their acronym and pressing Tab. Very handy.

Archlinux has an AUR package for snipmate, so installation is trivial. After that, snippets lie somewhere in /usr/share/vim, but I don't want any of the predefined ones anyways, so I changed the path to my local ~/.vim/snippets directory by adding the following to my .vimrc:

" set snippets dir to local path
let g:snippets_dir = "~/.vim/snippets"

After that, you can define snippets per filetype. So for TeX files create a tex.snippets file in that folder and fill in your snippets. Look in the original snippets folder for guidance on how to do it -- it's straight forward.

I mainly use it when editing LaTeX files, e.g. for citations. So typing


will produce:


pressing Tab again gives:


You get the point ;-)