How to store, set and remove your bookmarks in uzbl.

Now it's time to look at how uzbl can handle bookmarks. Together with a good history, and an omnicompletion they make your browsing rather comfy.

I wrote a little script to handle the storage of bookmarks. It keeps them in a plain text file with each entry on a line and columns separated by tabs. That keeps the whole thing human-readable.

It has one dependency though: zenity, which it uses to display a dialog to ask you for the title of the bookmark.

The script is best invoked via a keybinding:

@cbind A    spawn @scripts_dir/

Whenever you hit A from now on, a bookmark will be added to the page if it doesn't already have one, or removed if an entry already exists.

To distinguish between the two, you can use another script by moi. It will set a variable (@bookmarked) in your uzbl instance, which you can use in your status bar or in the title format string to indicate wheter the current page is bookmarked. The following line ensures that it's called after every page load:

@on_event   LOAD_FINISH    spawn @scripts_dir/

Now add the following to your config:

set bookmarked =
set bookmark_section  = <span foreground="#606060">\@[\@bookmarked]\@</span>

And modify your status_format definition to include


and your title_format_long and/or title_format_short to include


and you're set!

Next I'll cover history and omnicompletion, which go hand in hand with bookmarks.