Today I present my command plugin, which enables you to define your own vim-like commands.

As I was saying earlier: uzbl rocks!

So, here's a little follow-up which tells you how to not only get vim-keybindings in uzbl (which you get for free and by default), but also vim-commands that even integrate with autocompletion and wrap transparently around all uzbl builtins.

The trick is this little plugin I wrote.

It gives you two new requests:

request DEF_COMMAND name implementation
request EXEC_COMMAND name args

The first defines a new command with the given name and an implementation, the second executes such a custom command and any uzbl builtin.

I like to shorten the above with the following definitions:

set def = request DEF_COMMAND
set exec = requests EXEC_COMMAND

Then you can redefine the :_ prompt as follows:

@cbind :_ @exec %s

Now on to some examples.

I like to type :q to close my browser window, so I defined

@def q    exit

Even more, since I'm not using uzbl-tabbed, I like to type :qall to kill all my open uzbl windows

@def qall    sh 'killall uzbl-core'

Or how about a command to reload your config?

@def config-reload    sh "sed '/^# === Post-load misc commands/,$d' $1 | grep '^set ' > $4"

Now go into your uzbl and test it. Nice, huh ;-)