Don't trust me, try it for yourself!

Some weeks ago I discovered the best browser ever. And I can no longer keep it to myself.

The guy's name is uzbl and we immediately fell in love ;-)

The big thing about uzbl is: it adheres to the UNIX philosophy!

I.e., it focuses on what a browser should do (that is, display webpages in case you forgot while using your fully tweaked, rigged-to-explode, addon-crippled FireFox) and leaves the rest to the person who knows best what you want:


That's right, uzbl is 100% scriptable. In every way.

You can write plugins (python based) or extend it using its powerful event mechanism (using any language you might want). It allows you to create new syntax for the config file, add a gazillion new features or change the way uzbl behaves. You can even inject JavaScript into the webpages to do pretty much any page manipulation.

I'm so enchanted by this terrific piece of technology.

One warning though: better put your config file under version control or back it up. You don't want to lose this biest as I did yesterday. Took me the better part of 2 hours to restore it to its former glory ;-)

I'm gonna post some of my scripts/plugins/config hacks here soon.

So go ahead and try it out! (Arch Linux comes with a community package BTW)